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No - the parents are
NOT visiting the nest.

1. Take a picture of the babies in the nest. 

2.  Find a shoebox type box with a lid. Add some leaves, paper towels or other soft and dry bedding to the box. Remove the babies from the nest and  place in the box and close the lid. Place the box onto a heating pad set on the LOWEST setting. Do not place the heating pad into the box, place the box on top of the heating pad.  The first priority is to make the sure babies stay warm.

3. Do not give the babies food or water or anything liquid by mouth - they could inhale liquids.

4. Text the picture of the bird to 404-969-2324 (Atlanta area only). 

Include the following information with your text

1. Where you found the bird.

2. If you witnessed the accident/injury, please describe.

3. Wait for a text response for further instruction. 

5. Avoid checking on the babies to minimize stress. 

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