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1.) Prevent further sticking:

Cover exposed area of the glue trap to neutralize the sticky surface and help to avoid further injury. Use corn meal or corn starch or other safe items, paper towels, newspaper, or other safe materials to cover the exposed glue surfaces.


*Be careful to avoid the bird's eyes and mouth, especially with granular or dusty materials such as corn starch.

2.)​ Do not attempt to remove the bird from the trap. 

3.) Reduce stress:

carefully move the bird and glue trap into a ventilated container and place the container in a warm, dark, quiet location. This will reduce shock and allow the bird to rest.

4.) Text us!

Please text 404-969-2324 (Atlanta area only) for next steps. 


1.) Secure any pets:

this will prevent their escape as you lure the bird outside and also reduce stress for the bird.

2.) Create an escape route:

Open one large, well lit point of exit for the bird to safely fly out. If there are windows in the room, close any blinds or shades to darken the rest of the room.

3.) Lure the bird out:

From outside, try playing audio clips of bird calls to lure the bird out.

If the above steps are unsuccessful, please text 404-969-2324  (Atlanta area only) for next steps. 


Regrettably, in order to keep doing what we do, we must pause intakes occasionally  due to light staffing.

Please visit our overnight care page and the resources page.

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