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If you hear or see a bird fly into a window, and then find it stunned on the ground:

1.) Lock pets away.

2.) Place the bird in an enclosed box, or under a colander or small laundry basket to keep it safe. Try to place the container in a dark, quiet location to allow the bird to rest. Noises and light can cause additional stress for the bird. 

3.) Handle the bird as little as possible.

4.) Do not give the bird food or water.

5.) If there are no obvious injuries, allow the bird to rest for an hour, then take the container outside to open it. If the bird flies away, it was just stunned. If it does not fly away after the hour resting period, please follow step six.

6.) Text the picture of the bird to 404-969-2324 (Atlanta area only). 

Include the following information with your text:

a.) Where you found the bird.

b.) If you witnessed the accident/injury, please describe.

c.) Wait for a text response for further instruction. 


Regrettably, in order to keep doing what we do, we must pause intakes on weekends due to light staffing.

Please visit our overnight care page and the resources page.

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