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Saving the Planet, One Bird at a Time

Help! I Found a Bird!

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Our Mission

Wild Nest Bird Rehab, Inc. is a nonprofit charity dedicated to rehabilitating wild songbirds for release back to the wild. We accept orphaned songbirds and injured songbirds and serve Atlanta and surrounding areas. Along with our rehabilitation services, our mission includes educating the public about how to attract and support native songbird species through native landscaping, the dangers to our songbird populations, and the important role songbirds play in our environment.


Lights Out Georgia & Project Safe Flight

Help Our Songbirds Migrate Safely!

Georgia is part of the Atlantic Flyway - a route used by over 90 million birds each fall to migrate to warmer climates for winter. Atlanta is classified as a dangerous city for birds migrating through our area in the fall. Hundreds of birds are collected each fall after colliding with buildings and windows, in part due to light pollution at night, when many of these birds are making their way south. Visit these links to see how you can help reduce bird collisions during migration and year-round.

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