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Our Mission

Wild Nest Bird Rehab, Inc. is a nonprofit charity dedicated to rehabilitating wild songbirds for release back to the wild. We accept orphaned songbirds and injured songbirds and serve Atlanta and surrounding areas. Along with our rehabilitation services, our mission includes educating the public about issues affecting songbird populations, how to attract and support native songbird species through landscaping, the dangers to our songbird populations, and the important role songbirds play in our environment.

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Bird of the


The Red-winged Blackbird

These striking birds primarily eat insects during summer, and seeds and grains in fall and winter. They forage on the ground and nest low in shrubs.

 The females are the nest-builders, constructing an intricately woven nest lined with mud and covered

with fine grasses. They typically have two broods per year with 2-4 eggs per brood.

Fun Fact!

In fall and winter, Red-winged Blackbirds will often flock with other birds like Grackles, Starlings, Cowbirds, and other Blackbirds. These flocks can consist of thousands of birds.

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