The bird is injured/sick

If the bird has visible injuries, dangling limbs, bleeding, broken wing, lethargic, unable to walk, fluffed up...

1. Take a picture of the bird. 

2.  Try to catch the bird.  Find a shoebox type box with a lid. Add some brown dried leaves, paper towels or other soft and dry bedding to the box. Gently place the bird in the box and close the lid. If you don't have a box a paper bag can be used. 

3. Do not give the bird food. If the bird is able to drink on its own, you can give the bird water in a very small container (IE water bottle screw lid).  Do not try to manually place food or water in the birds mouth. 

4. Text the picture of the bird to 404-969-2324 (Atlanta area only)

Include the following information with your text

1. Where you found the bird.

2. If you witnessed the accident/injury, please describe.

3. Wait for a text response for further instruction. 

5. Avoid checking on the bird to minimize stress.