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fledge Jay.png
Fledgling are fully feathered and capable of hopping around.
They may hop and flop on the ground for several days as they build their strength before being able to fly. 
They usually leave the nest before they can fully fly and are best left alone,
as the the parents will continue to care for them out of the nest. 
Try and keep any activity, kids and pets away from the area the fledging is in. 
Do not give the fledgling any food or water. 
If the Fledgling is sick or injured, click here for further instruction. 
If you do not see the parents caring for the fledgling, 

text the picture of the bird to 404-969-2324 (Atlanta area only)

Include the following information with your text:

1. Where you found the bird.

2. If you witnessed the accident/injury, please describe.

3. Wait for a text response for further instruction. 


Please visit our overnight care page and the resources page.

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